If you enjoy reading a fast-paced time-travel romantic adventure, pick up a copy of Eve's Amulet~Book 1

Or if you love a good scare, you'll have a great time reading Death House!


How Eve's Amulet Was written

In Eve's Amulet-Book 1, a time-travel romance adventure, Mandy Ruhe can't find her way back to her own time, and she is forced to exist as a gun-running ranch hand. But she can't help falling in love while potentially messing up the future for everyone!

I was in between books, Death House and an as yet unpublished contemporary romance, and felt the urge to write a new story. I set my fingers on my keyboard and prayed. Words and images came into my mind and I typed what I imagined. The story came in line by line, but in draft form, so it took a while to polish.

DEATH HOUSE-Born OF Nightmares

Death House, a young-adult horror story, is about fifteen-year-old Adley, who moves into her grandmother's mansion. It's haunted by a evil being, born of a family curse. She meets Victor, and just as she may have discovered love, the curse is out to get her!

My daughter read a popular children's horror story and went to bed terrified. I asked her what was so scary, and she handed me her book, daring me to read it. I was disappointed, and she challenged me to write a better story. I did, and based it on my own nightmares. But I couldn't resist adding in some romance!